Assisted Living & Longterm Care Consulting

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15251 NE 18th Avenue - Suite 3

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Monday - Thursday

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Arrendell's Training & Cosnulting provides on-going trainings and consulting services to new providers and existing operators who have license in one or more of the many licenses provided by the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA).

Arrendell's Training & Consulting will help owners and providers maintain compliance through our health care managment services.  Management services can assist facilities to maintain operations longer by reducing high fines that can cause facilities to close. Management allows facilities to operate solvent to provide needed services to disabled and elder adults throughout the state of Florida. 

Many facilities have seeked out our direct and networking relationships to correct many deficiences that they could have otherwise avoided if they had many of the services we provide.

Having years of combined experience in elder social services, long term care facilities, Medicaid / Medicare, finances, marketing, guides our decisions to provide excellent initial and corrective services.