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Assisted Living Facility 

1823 Health Assessment for ALF Residents 

The April 2021-1823 can be completed within 30 days after move-in.  However, it is recommended to have it before the residents move in.

Adverse Incident

Adverse Incidents must be reported to the Agency via the Adverse Portal.  Your portal ID is the same as your background login ID.  However, if you do not have an adverse ID, please register after you login on the portal

Reporting an incident guide.

Reporting incident video.

Resident 30 Days notice to ALF

When a resident provides you with a 30 days' notice, you must provide him / her with a refund, if they are due one.  

Power of Attorney

When the resident is admitted with a guardian or family member, and that is the person who is signing the contract, you need a power of attorney.  This document must be notarized and on file in the facility.  If you need a notary, give us a call.


The CEMP is required to be renewed in most counties on an annual basis.  You must provide at a minimum regardless of the county the following:

1. Fire plan approval

2. EPP plan approval

3. List of emergency items

4. Mutual Aid agreements (Facility and Transportation)

Generator rule 59A-36.025

Florida Dept. of Health

The health department requires that ALL assisted living facilities and group homes have their training annually by a food manager.  Contact a food manager for your pre-inspection and training. 

Background - Level II

Background is required every 5 years for all persons who have direct contact including owners, administrators listed on application. 

Your background portal will routinely require you to choose a new password.


Every staff is required to have a background attestation on file.  This includes the administrator and if the owner is a part of the staff.

Closing your ALF

If you are going to close your ALF, you are required to notify AHCA.  Arrendell's can assist preparing the letter and ensuring that you have the right inclusions for $50.00

Respite Care

Meaning - “Respite Care” means facility-based supervision of an impaired adult for the purpose of relieving the primary caregiver.

Your facility can provide respite care; however, you cannot exceed the license capacity.  If all beds are filled, you cannot admit the respite resident.  You must include a contract with all the other items in your respite package.


During an emergency, the Agency and Dept. of Health can require providers to conduct status updates.  These updates inform AHCA and DOH as to the status or need of the facility. 

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45 Days Notice

A resident MUST be given a 45 days' notice if he/she can no longer meet the requirements.

Sample 45 days' notice

Activity Calendar

Your activity calendars are to be posted monthly.  Have activities that reflect the enjoyment for all residents.  

Activities are not to be less than 2 hours per day and 12 hours per week. 

Social Security Benefits for residents (surviving spouse)

When a Social Security beneficiary dies, his or her surviving spouse is eligible for survivor benefits. A surviving spouse can collect 100 percent of the late spouse’s benefit if the survivor has reached full retirement age, but the amount will be lower if the deceased spouse claimed benefits before, he or she reached full retirement age.

Social security

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