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Assisted Living CORE Training Eng/Spanish


Department of Elder Affairs Certified

This training is designed for prospective ALF administrators and or owners in preparation to operate an ALF and take the state of Florida mandated examination according to Florida Statutes 429, Part I and Florida Administrative Codes 58A-5.

This course will prepare learners for the administration and management of an ALF and key elements for taking the CORE exam.  

Test:   Each learner can take the state exam throughout various locations in the state.  Registration can be found here

Hours : 26

Prerequisite: Able to comprehend and speak either English or Spanish

Attendance:   Must be present for the entire 26 hours.

Expiration : None, however learner must maintain administrator in-services bi-ennially to maintain compliance with the state and statutes.

Certification(s): 26 hrs. ALF CORE certificate upon successful completion. Also two complimentary certifications required for operation will be given.

Materials: Course manual, pen, highlighter included

Food:    Day 1: Breakfast snacks; Day 2: Catered lunch:  Day 3: On your own.  (unlimited coffee, tea and water throughout training)  

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