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Assisted Living Facility

Whispering to Granddad
Florida has been known as the capital for senior housing.  Most providers invest in seniors because they know they are one of the most vulnerable individuals amongst our population.  Providers can open ALF's of any size with a zoning approval.  Mom and pop providers are those that are usually under 30 beds.  These operators can usually operate in residential neighborhoods. 
The licensing agency, AHCA provides you with the requirements, however, you, the applicant is responsible for working with the local government to meet the requirements to submit the application
One of the requirements is for each ALF to have an administrator who manages the day-to-day operation.  The administrator is required to have met the 26 hours CORE training and pass the state exam with a minimum of 75 percent passing grade.
The most important step towards achieving the ALF license is to obtain the zoning from your local municipality or county. Your desired location cannot be at least within 1000 feet of another ALF or similar type grouphome community property.  Thereafter, fire, health and other related requirements you will achieve.
After all things have been achieved, the next step is to submit the application 
The licensure application, renewal fee and supporting documents must be submitted to the Agency 60 days prior to the expiration date.  A late fee will apply.  A renewal application will not be accepted if the license is expired. Renew Online – Providers can now renew their licenses through the Agency’s Online Licensing application.
Chapter 408.803, Florida Statutes defines "Change of ownership" as: an event in which 51 percent or more of the ownership, shares, membership, or controlling interest of a licensee is in any manner transferred or otherwise assigned. This does not apply to a licensee that is publicly traded on a recognized stock exchange. Also, a change solely in the management company or board of directors is not a change of ownership.
The licensure application, fee and supporting documents must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the change of ownership.  Before the application can be approved, any outstanding fees owed the State (owed by either party) must be paid and a bill of sale or other closing document signed by the buyer and the seller and showing the effective date of the transfer must be received by the Agency.
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