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AFCH 12 Hrs.




3 Weeks

About the Course

This training is designed to prepare learners for the operation of a private residence care facility. This training identifies the differences and similarities to that of an Assisted Living Facility; who can live in an AFCH and who can’t; the capacity of beds; requirements for owner and much more.

Hours: 12

Prerequisite: Able to comprehend and speak English

Expiration: None, however operator must maintain in-service trainings.

Certification: Upon successful completion.

Prerequisite: Able to comprehend and speak the language of the training that you are registered for.

Expiration: None, however learner must maintain in-services bi-ennially to maintain compliance with the rules and laws if he or she is an active administrator.

Your Instructor

Julia Arrendell

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Julia Arrendell
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