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Healthcare License Types

Assisted Living Facilities (ALF)

Operators provide direct care services to those who have limitations with their activities of daily living (ADL's); grooming, toileting, bathing, transferring, eating and walking.


The Administrator of an ALF is required to take the ALF 26 hours CORE training.

AHCA financials are required


Adult Day Care Center (ADCC)

An Adult Day Care provides stimulating services that are both mental and physical for the body and mind.  Providers are paid either with Medicaid Long Term Care funds or private pay.  


Adult Family Care Home (AFCH)

As a five bed provider, the operator must reside on the premises. This license allows for the operator's immediate family to live on the premises, making it a true homelike environment.

The operator is required to complete 12 hours of training

AHCA financials are not required.

Family Dinner
Doctor's Visit

Health Care Clinic (HCC)

Health care Clinics can be owned by a doctor or a private investor(s). Health care clinics can be urgent care centers, family care practices, pain management, pediatric offices and more.

AHCA Financials are required

Medical Professional and Stetoscope

Home Health Agency (HHA)

Operators provide direct care to patient in their home or a community home setting (ALF or nursing home).

AHCA Financials are required

Homemaker & Companion

The Homemaker & Companion license is for those operators that want to get a warm introduction to caring for the disabled and senior population before beginning a home care agency.  

Operators offer light cleaning, companion to medical appointments, reminders, grocery shopping  and other services.

AHCA Financials are not required

Elderly with grocery.jpg

Home Medical Equipment (HME)

Home Medical providers provide equipment that enhances the lives of providers who are both in home and institutional settings.   

AHCA financials are required.

Patient Room
Young Nurse

Nurse Registry (NR)

Solutions for a growing business that gives many the alternative to a Home Health License.


As a nurse registry, you cannot bill Medicare, however you can bill the Long Term Care (Medicaid) and private insurance.


AHCA financials are required.

Service Pool (SP)

Service Pools allow operators to provide health care professionals to medial facilities.  

Boy Playing with Blocks

Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPEC)

Providers who love children, know that this is a special level of care to those who thrive with a higher level of care.  

AHCA financials are required.

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